Saturday, March 30, 2013

Introducing Rose

(No picture available)

Q.  What are some of your interests, gifts, hobbies, outside of missions?
Reading, Piano, Sewing and Travel

Q.  What kind of work do you do (or did you do if you are retired)?
Worked at a Bank, Was a secretary at an elementary school for 18 years

Q.  Have you been to the Pine Ridge Reservation before? If so, how many years?

Q.  Have you been involved with other mission trips before? If so, where have you gone?

Q.  Why are you interested in Pine Ridge as an outreach?
I have always wanted to go on a mission trip and this is my first opportunity

Q.  What is the thing you are most looking forward to about this trip?
          Doing something helpfut for others

Q. How can people best pray for you as you prepare for this trip?
Help me to have courage and good health