Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tips & Suggestions for Teaching VBS

  • Pray hard =)

  • Remember to keep in mind that the kids may or may not want to go in the group they are supposed to go into - that's OK - just go with the flow

  • Remember that several of the kids will not want to sit still and listen so it is helpful to plan ACTIVE lessons to keep them focused.

  • Plan for around 30 min. but it can be shorter - when you feel you need to release them - do.

  • Don't get bummed out if they don't "get it" or pay attention. The most important thing you can do is show them that you love them.

  • Remember there are many different ways to teach so use whatever is available to teach - even if it's just shooting hoops.


  • LISTEN to them. They have some things to teach us as well.