Monday, August 15, 2005

Policy Re: Payments

There are two ways to make payments:

Sponsor Money
If someone sponsors your trip, that money is tax deductible but it is not returnable. Because it is given for the trip, it must be spent on Pine Ridge missions and cannot be returned to you at the end of the trip. It can be held over for use for the next year.

If someone sponsors you, have them make the check out to Winton Rd. First Church of God and earmark with your name. Then give the check to Amber or Brian so that your account is credited. DO NOT have them put it in the offering plate where it may get lost in the offering.

Out of Pocket
If you are making a payment out of pocket, the IRS does not allow you to take that off your taxes. Make a check out to the Pine Ridge Mission Fund and give the check to Amber or Brian. This money is not tax deductible but it is returnable to you in the event the cost of the trip is less than estimated.

Deadlines for payments are firm. Deadlines will be give at the informational meeting. You will be allowed ONE WEEK grace period. Please be sure to let Amber know if you are going to need the extra week. DO NOT just fail to make your payment and assume that I will assume you need the extra week. If you fail to make your payment after the one week grace period, you will lose your spot on the team. If this happens, money you have already paid in will not be returned to you.

The reason for this policy is that payments are spaced 4 weeks apart. If you are not able to make a payment at the end of the grace period, you will be only 2 weeks away from another payment which you will also likely not be able to make. That that point you will be digging a hole for yourself that you will not likely get out of and this could conceivably put the trip at risk. .