Monday, March 28, 2011

More please ....

Each year we feed about 150 children a meal every day that we are on the Rez.  In past years we have always been given a large donation of meat from a local business and we are very grateful for their past generosity.  However, this year the donation of food is looking very, very, very doubtful. 

We know from past years that the kids on the Rez are truly hungry so NOT feeding them a meal is not an option.  Its just something we have to do, whatever the cost. 

This Sunday evening, April 3, at 6pm at the Winton Road First Church of God, Gary Hitsman will be in concert.  If you've heard Gary, you know he has an awesome voice.  Its a voice that has taken him to some pretty high places in his past.  His old band opened for some national acts when he was the lead singer for Distant Rail.  He's good.  Really good. 

The concert is free.  Just come and enjoy and be blessed. 

We will take up an offering at some point and all the money we receive will be used to purchase food for the children on the Rez.  If you can't give, that's OK, come anyway - you will be glad you did. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

We're Going to the BEACH !

And if you go to the beach you know you're going to need Flip Flops, Sunglasses, and a brightly colored bandanna to keep the sun off your head.  :)  

I was able to get them all to match ...

In the pic is also a couple of the crafts we'll be doing with the younger kids.  Some foam craft crabs and sandcastles. 

The teens will do some Tarp Surfing and scrapbooking and have a "make your own banana split" night. 

Those are just a few of the FUN things we have planned for the kids this year!