Friday, January 12, 2007

On The Rez: Meals

What is included in the cost:
All of your meals on the reservation are included in the cost of the trip. There are aproximately 9 meals on the road which you are responsible to pay for.

Meal Times
Be at the dining hall at the time the meal is served. No meals will be served after the scheduled time.

When the children come to lunch, they will be served first. Everyone will need to help serve them and get them settled. Some will need help opening packages or cutting things up. They come first - we eat as we can. You may eat before they arrive if you have time or after they are served.

Special Diets
If you are on a medically restricted diet, please bring your own food for the week. You may eat what we have as well but we cannot accomodate special diet needs. Out of courtesy please talk to the cook about storage of your food.

It is not necessary to bring snacks along for the road. They take up precious space in the vans and are not necessary since we stop for gas and restroom breaks every 2 hours and there is always an opportunity to purchsase snacks.

You may bring snacks in your suitcase for the week we are on the rez but please do not get them out when the children are there unless you've brought enough for all 150 children. Keeping them in sealed plastic bags is a good idea to keep critters out of your sleeping area.