Sunday, January 07, 2007

Job Descriptions (in other words - HELP, what do I do???)

Worship Leaders

  • Listen to the Holy Spirit to see what He leads you into.

  • Generally we do 2-3 songs each night (it's after a VERY LONG HARD day) but if God leads you to do something different follow Him.

  • Check with me about any materials you need to bring along and if possible give me the lyrics to the songs you choose so I can put them in our team booklets.

VBS Music, Little Kids, and Middlers

  • Pray

  • Choose someone from your group to be responsible for organizing your plans and for communicating with Amber

  • Work together to plan what you want to do. (Include everyone in your group)

  • Check your plans with Amber before proceeding (to make sure it fits time-wise and money-wise with what other teams are doing)

VBS Crafts
Be avaliable during the "play time" to hand out the craft projects and help the kids with them as needed.

Teen Nights

  • Pray

  • Choose someone from your group to organize your plans and communicate with Amber

  • Work together to plan what you want to do.

  • Check with Amber before proceeding with your plans to see if we have the time and money to do them

  • Some things to keep in mind:
    Teen nights often get cancelled or moved around due to things the Lakota have going on.
    Plan for 3 Teen Nights
    Monday night we go to Wounded Knee
    Tuesday night – Teen Night
    Wed. night – church (can go for ice cream after church)
    Thursday night – Concert in the village with Phayth
    Friday night - Pow Wow!