Monday, March 30, 2009

March Madness

Just some stuff that's going on ....

  • Friday, April 3rd @ 7PM - Backpack Packing @ Amber's! We have 500 backpacks for fill and pack up so they're ready to be delivered when we hit the road
  • Sunday, April 5th @ 4PM - Crew Meeting - Topic: Cultural Prepardness
  • Sunday, April 5th - April payment of $135 due.
  • Sunday, April 5th - Crew T-shirt Money due
  • Sunday, April 19th - Amber & Jeff speak to the Teamsters Motorcycle Association about REZonate Music Fest and possible charity Bike Ride to benefit Backpacks for Pine Ridge
  • Sunday, April 26th - Amber presenting the work project for Melda to the congregation in the AM service.

Are you all praying? There is plenty to pray about ...

  • Two crew members have surgery this week
  • One crew member is facing a long recovery from shoulder surgery
  • We need more $$ for Melda's project
  • We're still behind in funds due to losing 2 crew members

Remember: ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME before, during, or after the trip - so pray

Click here to see an article about Backpacks for Pine Ridge in CNN's iReport site.