Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joining Forces!

I'm excited to announce that a team from the Hamilton First Church of God will be joining us as we head to the Pine Ridge Reservation this year! I just love it when churches work together and am looking forward to building relationships with our "mother church". Yes, that's right. Winton Rd. was a home missions project by the Hamilton First Church of God several years ago so it only seems right that we work together now on missions!

We also have the privileged of working with the Hopewell Church of God in West Chester, OH each year when we do the REZonate Music Fest to benefit Backpacks For Pine Ridge. That is an awesome church and the people there come out and give 110% to the cause never caring who gets "credit".

That's what its all about folks!

The 2010 Work Project

The work project this year is one that is very vital to the well-being of the Pass Creek Church of God in Allen. There is a giant "hole" in the ground that has been caused by erosion. The problem is - it keeps eroding more and more each year and its very close to the church building. If this isn't addressed this year, it could very well cause major damage to the building.

The good news is that it is close to the building and it is in the shape of a horseshoe and is in fact a sort of natural amphitheater with one end deep and one end level with the bottom of a hill. Not sure if that makes any sense or not, but maybe the pics will show it better.

A few years ago one of our team members (Fred) had a dream to make that hole into a real amphitheater - a nice one with a cement floor and seating - something that could be used as a multi-purpose meeting place for the church. This would also be a great place for VBS since it can be difficult to fit all of the children who come to VBS in the summer into the sanctuary. Last year there was a record 143 children who came to VBS on just one day!

Fred has estimated the cost of getting this project underway at $4,500.00. We currently have $1,692.62 toward the project. Be looking for a cornhole tourney to raise more money for the project this spring!

This pic shows how close the hole is to the church

Team Meeting This Thursday!

We have our 3rd team meeting this Thurs, March 4th @ 7pm @ Winton Rd First Church of God. Team members, your next payment of $100 is also due at this time.

This month's theme is "Spiritual Preparedness" - the most important aspect of the whole trip. Be sure to be there.

We also are looking forward to some really great news!!