Thursday, March 28, 2013

Introducing Linda

Q.  What are some of your interest, gifts, hobbies, outside of missions?
              My interest is bird watching and nature walks.  My gift is the gift of song. I love to sing
             I’m  no Amy Grant but I am what the Lord made me for his honor and glory. So that’s good   
             enough for me. My hobbies is trash to treasure so they call it. I love to take old stuff and  
             make them new.

Q.  What kind of work do you do?
 I have the best job in the world. I babysit for two of my five grandchildren. Can’t get any better than that.

Q.  Have you been to the Pine Ridge Reservation before?
Last year was my first mission trip to Pine Ridge. My husband had been two years before me.

Q.  Have you been involved with other mission trips before?
I’ve never been on a mission trip before but always felt the desire and tug at my heart to someday go on one
Q.  Why are you interested in Pine Ridge as an outreach?
This question is easy. I have heard so much about the trip from my husband and others that have went and saw the compassion they have for the kids and people of Pine Ridge. I always felt like I was there with them. I was in prayer and in spirit. Now I know why Pine Ridge is so important to the crew. The kids are such a blessing and so are the leaders of the mission there.

Q.  What is the thing you are most looking forward to about this trip?
 Seeing the kids again for one. I missed them so much after we got back home. I’m constantly wondering what they are doing. I’m also looking forward to having another church join us this year. It’s going to be such a blessing to share this experience with them.

Q.  How can people best pray for you as you prepare for this trip?
I feel the best prayer that could ever go up to the father for me and the crew is that we are spiritually ready. I know if we are prayed up and studied up that the Lord will take care of the rest. So all I ask is pray for guidance to withstand any adversaries that we might face.