Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Introducing Cathy

Q.  What are some of your interests, gifts, hobbies, outside of missions?
 I enjoy quilting, making different types of crafts, camping trips (in a comfy motor home with beds and a bathroom!), weekend trips with the girls, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. I love chocolate and coffee! I love to laugh and have fun.

Q, What kind of work do you do (or did you do if you are retired)?
 I am an Educational Assistant. This is my 13th year working with elementary children. I love watching their faces when they learn new things and feel successful, especially as they overcome difficulties and begin to believe in themselves.

Q.  Have you been to the Pine Ridge Reservation before? If so, how many years?
This will be my 10th year going to Pine Ridge.
Q.  Have you been involved with other mission trips before? If so, where have you gone?

Q.  Why are you interested in Pine Ridge as an outreach?
Pine Ridge is the poorest place in the U.S. A. and is literally in the middle of no where. As an educator, I know the importance of school. They are so thankful for the backpacks and school supplies we take to them. This relieves a huge financial difficulty from the adults and the kids are so excited about them. If this encourages one child to graduate, it is so worth the hardships of the trip itself.

Q.  What is the thing you are most looking forward to about this trip?
 I am looking forward to seeing some of the kids again who are now adults with little ones of their own! We also are growing to love the new little ones who we are being blessed to meet now. I can't wait to see Barry, Shelly, Madison, and other friends I have made throughout the years.

Q.  How can people best pray for you as you prepare for this trip?
Please pray that I am in tune with God's purpose and will for those He places in my path, gives me knowledge for every situation, and to show His love freely. Pray for my health to be good and to stay healthy. Any time you are willing to work for the Lord, obstacles try to stop it. Pray for my team and their families. Pray for the missionaries and the Lakota People.