Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wounded Knee

On the morning of December 29, 1890, members of the Miniconjou Sioux (Lakota) tribe led by Chief Big Foot were massacred by the Seventh Cavalry of the United States Army on the banks of Wounded Knee creek. If you are unfamiliar with the events of that horriffic morning, please take a moment to read about it here or watch the video posted at the bottom of this post.

Over 300 unarmed Lakota were killed that day, their bodies left to freeze in the snow for 3 days. Of this number 69 were children, 133 women, and 39 elders.

After the shooting ended the wounded were piled into wagons and taken to a church which was used as a makeshift hospital. It was 4 days after Christmas and the sactuary was still decorated with Christmas greenry. A banner hanging at the front of the church ironically proclaimed "Pease on Earth, Goodwill to Men".

On New Year's Day a government burial detail arrived to bury the remaining victims. The bodies were stripped of valuables and dropped into a mass grave. Chief Big Foot was scalped, the scalp sent as a trophy to the Seventh Cavalry's museum in Massachusetts. There it remained over the protests of Chief Bigfoot's family until the summer of 2000.

The soldiers who carried out this gruesome massacre were awarded Congressional Medals of Honor which remain to this day.

Below are some pictures of the actual massacre.

The church where the wounded were taken

Burial in the mass grave

Site of the mass grave and the memorial marker

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The site of the mass grave today

The Names Listed on the Monument at Wounded Knee

Chief Big Foot

Mr. High Hawk

Mr. Shading Bear

Long Bull

White American

Spotted Thunder

Shoots the Bear

Picked Horses

Bear cuts Body

Chase in Winter

Black Coyote

Ghost Horse

Living Bear

Afraid of Bear

Young Afraid of Bear

Yellow Robe

Wounded Hand

Red Eagle

Pretty Hawk

Wm. Horn Cloud

Sherman Horn Cloud

Scatters Them

Red Fish

Swift Bird

He Crow

Little Water

Strong Fox

Tooth its Hole

Red Horn

He Eagle

No Ears

Wolf Skin Necklace

Lodge Skin Knopkin

Charge at Them

Weasee Bear

Bird Shakes

Big Skirt

Brown Turtle

Blue American

Pass Water in Horn

Scabbard Knife

Small Side Bear

Kills Seneca

You can sign an online petition to recind the medals of honor awarded to the U.S. Soldiers by clicking here.