Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Christmas Candy/Cookie Fundraiser

We have the Christmas Cookie/Candy fundaiser coming up really soon. It is for anyone who wants to participate. You do not have to participate if you do not want to. All of the money you make on the products you sell will go into your account. If you choose not to participate, you will not be benefiting from this fundraiser.

For those who want to participate here is what I will need from you.

  • Email or give me your list of the products you will be selling and a price for each of them by Sunday, Oct. 29th, so that I can make up a price list with everyone's products on it. A lot of people want to take these with them as they think about what to order.
  • Print up your own order forms for your products. I will be happy to do that for you if you let me know.

  • Be prepared to make samples that will be given out for free on the first weekend in Nov. (Nov. 5th) At that time we will just give out samples and start taking orders. Package your samples in small sample-sized packages.
  • I will also need someone to sit at the table before and after each service to take orders. If you can help with that, let me know and I'll schedule you to sit at the table. We will be doing this Nov. 5th - Dec. 13th to give you time to deliver your products by Christmas

Things are beginning to roll!